Figlia Di Peter Parker X Loki ::
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The God of Mischief Chapter 1First Meetings, an.

Peter Parker meeting Loki: a trilogy The last one is an AU where Loki has to babysit Peter and pick him up from school when Tony is busy The hat that’s says “everything hurts and I’m dying” is a Thomas Sanders Instagram reference. See more. CuteSkitty. Being Loki’s Daughter and Dating Peter Would Include. parker fluff loki imagine loki fluff reader insert marvel reader insert tom holland x reader tom hiddleston x reader loki peter parker loki x daughter!reader avengers x reader tony stark x reader marvel imagine marvel headcanon loki headcanon peter parker headcanon im. Glancing back, Peter saw that Loki wasn't far behind. As he neared the finish, however, a jutting out rock caused to Asgardian to trip. Spiderman's senses were quicker than Peter Parker's brain and, before he knew it, he was supporting Loki from the side. Loki could feel himself losing consciousness.

14/10/2017 · La Marvel pare avere grandi piani in mente per l'universo di Thor, ma la più grande novità potrebbe riguardare non il Dio del Tuono, bensì il Dio dell'Inganno Loki. In una nuova stuzzicante anticipazione riguardante il numero 700 di Thor, si può vedere Loki indossare il potente e spesso ambito Guanto dell'Infinito.Come abbia fatto ad entrarne in possesso resta tuttavia un mistero, ma il. spiderfrost spiderman x loki Spideyfrost spideyloki frostspider loki x spiderman loki headcanon peter parker x loki peter parker peter x loki loki x peter loki/peter loki odinson loki laufeyson i need that friendship mcu mcu loki mcu spiderman marvel mj ned mcu ned mc mj spiderman/loki mcu headcanon mcu friendship i need more spiderfrost akikos.

Figlia Di Peter Parker X Loki

An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. Could you write a Peter Parker x Reader? Peter sits behind the reader in math class and he needs to get her attention so he pokes her back with his pencil, but she accidentally lets out a squeak. Peter realises her back's ticklish and starts to tease her about it, constantly making ticklish movements with his pencil up and down her back.

Bad Liar Tony Stark x Daughter! reader, Peter Parker x Stark!reader Summary: Ever since Tony became Iron Man, he’s been preparing his daughter for his death, but is he prepared for her death?. The mission to retrieve Loki’s scepter was a success, and Tony held a celebration afterwards. 28/02/2015 · You hate spiders!" Your father roared glaring at not-so-happy Peter. He hated Loki. Loki hated him. They were kinda equal. Until your father switched bodies with your boyfriend. That. Was. Gross. And they didn't really forget about this. Art Trade - Peter Parker x Stark!Reader. Loki looked at Peter; the boy looked crippled, no physically but so much deeper. Like someone had carved into him with a butcher knife and removed everything that made him special. Loki opened his door wider and as if by instinct, Peter flooded through, his arm breaking free from the cops hold and he slouched through the gap.

04/09/2019 · ↪ Broken Mirrors Loki x reader - complete. On Tony’s request, Loki agrees to help him undo some ancient curses on objects. During his work, he finds a girl trapped in a mirror. ↪ Stable Bucky Barnes x reader bookstore AU - complete Bucky is a shy. [name] watched as construction went on. Her boss was the CEO of a well known company and they were making another building for it. She was sent along with her friend and Co-worker to check on the construction and note down the progress.

Marvelun'immagine anticipa Loki maneggiare una ben nota.

Peter Parker potrebbe catalogare quella giornata come la peggiore mai vissuta di tutta la sua vita; ha un esame importante, lo stomaco vuoto e il destino avverso, e la mattinata è appena iniziata. Eppure, in quel mosaico infinito di sfighe e colpi incassati, qualcosa sembra destinato a cambiare per sempre la sua vita. 24/04/2019 · La spiegazione del film e del finale di Avengers: Endgame, tra addii, ritorni, punti interrogativi e lacrime, come una delle battaglie più epiche. Peter Parker Imagine. Requested: @marvel-and-dc-shit Imagine: Hey there bestfriend! Can i have a Peter Parker imagine were the reader is also like a spider, they fight crime together, they have the same suite and everything.

spider man spiderman peter parker x you peter parker x reader peter parker x tony stark petermj peter parker peter x shuri shuri x peter. loki fanfic loki wallpaper loki odinson loki drunk loki loki chat loki daily loki x reader lemon loki x reader smut loki x reader loki x you loki x y/n loki x oc loki x sigyn loki x tony loki filth loki. In seguito agli avvenimenti di Vienna Tony crea la sua squadra e nel farlo opta per nuovi membri, uno ovviamente è Peter Parker. Poi c'è Amelia, che Tony vede come una figlia. Amelia ha dei poteri particolari e quando Tony chiede il suo aiuto lei non si tira indietro.

Tickle Trash Collections. avengers ticklish!reader loki loki x reader loki x sister reader insert thor reader!littlesister prompt cute tickle fic. 132 notes Mar 8th, 2019. Can you write a platonic Peter Parker x reader where the reader is in the Avengers facility trying. Peter: inhales Now listen here- Jan. 1 2018 incorrect tom holland quotes incorrect marvel quotes avengers infinity war loki laufeyson peter parker tom holland imagines peter parker imagines peter parker x reader marvel avengers. 15/02/2014 · I'm Spiderman Peter Parker x Reader "Y/n! Hurry up!" Peter yelled up the stairs. "I'm not coming down! You go on with out me!" You yelled back. He sighed, walking up the stairs while fixing his shirt. "Come on Y/n. Its prom night." Opening the door slightly, you looked at him. You had tear stained cheeks, swolen eyes, and slightly flushed. Hello! If you’re talking about on the app mobile, I would type out what you wanted the masterlist to be linked to, highlight the text as if you were going to copy it, or cut it., and then click the little logo that looks like two chains holding together link.

Non credo che Iron Man possa cessare di esistere. Mi spiego: Iron man è il personaggio cardine dell’MCU, immaginare che sparisca così nel nulla risulta complesso. Il suo ricordo, la sua tecnologia, le sue invenzioni, il suo “essere Iron Man” si pr. LA STORIA DELL'UOMO RAGNO. Peter Parker è figlio di due agenti dello S.H.I.E.L.D. morti a causa di un criminale chiamato teschio rosso; per questo motivo il protagonista visse infanzia ed adolescenza in casa degli amati zii paterni, Ben e May.

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